Andrew S Kane, OBE PhD

Helping people make better decisions by mastering their decision making skills

Adulthood is only easy until life intervenes!

My Focus

My focus whether as a Board Member or Advisor is ensuring the skills are learnt, developed and deployed that are required to make better decisions either within Families or the Workplace



What I do

I provide my objective insights, skills and experience to help people develop their skills to make better decisions to benefit themselves, their teams, their organization and their family. In this way they can more effectively address and overcome fears, insecurities, loss of identity, conflicts, poor relationships, mistrust, ineffective communications, stress or losses from life event.



The goal

To develop and master the skills required and then ensure they are deployed to make optimal decisions to resolve issues, build resilience , to enhance well-being and successfully transition through adulthood.

Being listened to is so much like love that you cannot tell the difference