Greetings and welcome to my blog

Many may ask what I've been up to and why a blog?

My blog has a purpose - to share insights, address topics and help illustrate the various skills that can be developed and then deployed to make better decisions. Making good decisions is key in order to address the challenges that adulthood throws our way, either in business or within our personal life.

I hope you will subscribe. My intent is that my blogs will address topics about adulthood transitions such as midlife, inter-generational conflicts, and challenges relating to family dynamics.

Whether within the workplace or a family, we all seek to understand how, when and why we need to make better decisions. Whether a leader, team or family member, the skills to make optimal decisions is critical to address a wide range of issues. These include how to collaborate among multiple generations, how to build relationships and develop trust, managing conflicts or addressing personal challenges that impact concerns over one's identity or relevance in facing midlife or retirement. At the end of the day enhancing well-being has demonstrated benefits- better health, stronger relationships, a growth and positive mindset, a stronger sense of purpose and presence etc.

Over my life, from the unnecessary collapse of Arthur Andersen, impacting thousands of colleagues and their families to an even more significant loss, my daughter’s death at 27 from liver cancer, I have developed my own coping methods and honed the skills to obtain the right objective input that allows me to make pivotal decisions to improve myself,move forward and thrive. I apply my experience and insights, combined with my academic and business experiences whether as an advisor, coach or entrepreneur to focus on better decision making as an adult.

My 40 plus years of being a leader, manager and parent together with completing my masters and doctorate degrees in Human Development (including pursuing my PhD research and subsequent doctoral thesis on the subject of how applying positive psychology can benefit "one's midlife" ), has permitted me to understand human development theories and prompted me to author my book  "Three Bridges - Adulthood is Easy Until Life Intervenes" .

Focusing on three metaphorical bridges we traverse during adulthood, my book is an insight at how to deal with the pressures we face throughout adulthood and how to overcome them My book covers my three metaphorical bridges we traverse during adulthood. You can access and acquire my book by clicking here .

The challenges that I address in working with my clients range from facing identity issues, control issues preventing a succession, how to build resilience while grieving from a deep personal loss or a life event, managing emotions in confronting midlife, how to mange the desire for emotional control as wealth accumulates or facing fear, conflict, mistrust and relevance in understanding and working with the Gen Z and Millennial generations.

If you are interested to know more about my practice areas please visit my website page by clicking here and if you find my blog of interest, please share them around with friends and colleagues, encourage them to sign up . 

Life’s challenges and impactful life events are more a question of when not if. So I hope my blog , book and articles may in some way, be of value to you or someone you know.

May your journey through adulthood be smooth, it normally is until life intervenes!


Andy Kane

Been There…Done That! Being in Transition at the end of your Career-Are You Prepared?


In my first blog, I am addressing being in a transition at the end of your career.

One afternoon my thoughts wandered as to how many clients have sought me out when they have become stuck in a transition. The common denominator is that most have been leaders, executives or professionals, and all faced the end of their leadership role but not through their own choosing or timing.