Andrew S Kane, OBE PhD

Life + Business Strategist to those seeking to Rewire, Reinvent or Retire.

Serving owners of family businesses, business executives & professional service partners who are typically in midlife and who, as they age, look for experience and knowledge of how to successfully rewire, reinvent or retire in a way to flourish in their work and to personally thrive.

Author of Three Bridges -
Adulthood is Easy until Life Intervenes!

My Focus

One of the fundamental questions I pose …

“Wouldn’t you rather ooze, than lose or snooze as you age?”

My focus is developing life and business strategies, then coaching or consulting, to those in midlife, so they can flourish at work and thrive in their personal life as they age. Often in our midlife, a life event occurs (eg a divorce, health scare, job loss, death of a partner or close relative) that triggers a self - introspection that drives a need to reveal a more authentic true self and a desire to reinvent, rewire or retire.

Why is midlife often a challenge, why do we become introspective and how do we realize our aspirations ? This is my focus on and is also the subject matter of my book “Three Bridges-Adulthood is Easy Until Life Intervenes”.




What I do

I work with you on developing positive insights, strategies and solutions on impactful topics that affect business and personal growth such as:

  •  Defining yourself by who you are, not what you do- your identity and being authentic

  •  Rewire don’ t retire- the magic and benefits of continually reinventing yourself. as we live longer the art of reinvention by rewiring ourselves can be more satisfying than contemplating retirement.

  • Finding the right work/life balance for you so that stress and anxiety is mitigated in order to dodge burnout.

  • Addressing your midlife- the most important bridge you will ever cross

  • Ensuring you don’t lose or snooze as you mature- how to ooze and thrive as you age



The goal

My goal is to enable my clients to be defined by who they are , not by what they do, and to live the lifestyle of their choice.

I use my business, personal and academic experiences including my doctoral work on midlife and positive psychology, to help people thrive and for their businesses to flourish. I develop life + business strategies and then through coaching and consulting help to accomplish their execution.

Being listened to is so much like love that you cannot tell the difference