Andrew S Kane, OBE PhD

Life and Business Strategist.

I work with wealth family members who are also often owners of family businesses, business executives or professional service partners.

My clients are typically in midlife and as they age, they seek strategies for their self, their family and businesses, so that they can grow- namely flourish in their work and personally thrive.

Two key areas of my focus are

  1. During midlife, how do you address your midlife and successfully transition through to the second half of you life.

  2. How and when to effectively create, develop, streamline, manage and leverage a “family office”.

Author of Three Bridges -
Adulthood is Easy until Life Intervenes!

My Focus

My core focus is developing life and business strategies to enable my clients to flourish at work and thrive in their personal life. As we age in our midlife, a life event occurs (e.g a divorce, health scare, job loss, death of a partner or close relative) that triggers a self - introspection that often drives a need to reveal a more authentic true self , a keen interest to explore a need to reinvent, rewire or retire.

This first part of my practice is focused around midlife challenges and how these interplay with the family , family office, governance and education across the key family members. Midlife is often a challenge , when we become introspective and question how do we realize our aspirations. This was the subject matter of my PhD thesis on midlife and is also the subject matter of my book “Three Bridges-Adulthood is Easy Until Life Intervenes”.

For wealthy family members, the dynamics of a family and family business, often cause concerns over control. Emotional or financial control concerns, manifest themselves in a desire for certain family members to have knowledge about and the ability to manage and or control their assets, liabilities and cash flow in order to make the best decisions.

This is the second practice area I focus on. My clients engage me to use my independent and unbiased experience in managing family offices and business skills to create, develop and streamline how and when a family and their advisers can efficiently use a family office. As wealth accumulates , somewhere between $20m-$100m many families identify the need for more coordination and control over their expanding lives, investments and business interests.




What I do

A question I often pose is … “Wouldn’t you rather ooze, than lose or snooze as you age?” How to successfully do this often underpins many strategies to help my clients achieve their aspirations, goals and objectives.

In developing life and business strategies including those around a family office , I often address issues that clients surface to me including :

  •  How to define yourself by who you are, not what you do- your identity and how to be authentic

  •  When and how to rewire rather than retire- the magic and benefits of continually reinventing yourself. As we live longer the art of reinvention by rewiring ourselves can be more satisfying than contemplating retirement.

  • Managing work/life balance so that stress and anxiety is mitigated in order to avoid burnout.

  • Understanding and addressing your midlife- the most important bridge you will ever cross

  • Ensuring you don’t lose or snooze as you mature- how to ooze and thrive as you age.



The goal

My highest goal is to enable my clients to be defined by who they are , not by what they do, and to live the lifestyle of their choice.

There are many milestones on this path, including addressing control issues, family dynamics or establishing the process to develop a family office in order to ensure family succession, harmony and control continues, as wealth and activities expand.


Being listened to is so much like love that you cannot tell the difference