Andrew S Kane, OBE PhD

Business and Life Coach, Mentor and Advisor to Families that own businesses, Professional Service Providers and Executives

A fundamental question…

“Do you want to lose, snooze or ooze as you go through life?”

Author of Three Bridges -
Adulthood is only easy until life intervenes!

My Focus

My focus is on business and life coaching, advising and mentoring to families that own businesses, professional service providers and business executives.

The fundamental question I pose is “Do you want to lose, snooze or ooze as you go through life?”




What I do

I address impactful topics such as:

  •    How and why to ensure that your personal growth and profitable business growth go hand in hand.

  •    Why there is a need to address, not ignore, your midlife, how to overcome your losses and ensure you are comfortable with your identity - who you are, not what you do and how to be authentic.

  • When and how to consider retirement vs retirement, and how to successfully transition to the next phase of your life and /or your business.



The goal

To use my life, academic and business experience to work with clients to develop the required skills to make optimal decisions to resolve issues, overcome losses, build resilience ,to enhance their well-being (and that of their business and family) so that they can thrive, flourish and successfully transition through adulthood.

Being listened to is so much like love that you cannot tell the difference