If you think about it, the success or stagnation of a business all comes down to the ability to make good decisions. There are many reasons why business leaders and their teams make poor decisions or fail to make the necessary decisions to move their companies forward.

We facilitate a highly interactive process to help people master decision making and thus make better decisions about the issues that are most challenging.


 What We Do


Decision-making is an art and a science

We lead a proven approach for wrangling a disparate (and sometimes antagonistic) array of stakeholders through a constructive conversation that…

  • assesses a problem or issue that they commonly believe they have —and its root—in order to accurately confirm or modify the issue that needs to be addressed

  • reveals the broadest array of potential decision-making solutions; and

  • achieves buy-in on the chosen course of action from all relevant participants.

This is the science.

The art is ensuring that everyone feels heard and validated in the process.

how it works


MKW’s Master Decision-Making Workshop (MDM)

We typically initiate conversations first though HR and then key C suite executives to gain their insights and support to address pain points raised by the inability to make good decisions.

After working with leadership and HR executives to identify the pain points and issues, we bring together ideally eight to 16 stakeholders for a full day workshop. We  tailor our MDM workshop to our clients’ needs and expectations and then facilitate it to help the chosen participants learn and develop the skills to master decision making,  around the common and selected issue(s).

Our workshop has several components, including creating time for:

  • assessing the root of the problem and confirming or modifying the issue(s)

  • brainstorming solutions

  • learning and practicing decision making skills to facilitate implementation of the solutions

This MDM workshop is a unique and highly interactive combination of critical thinking, navigating group dynamics, and skills-training.

We believe the power to transform a work culture comes through  the conversations and communications based upon clarity of an organizations values and strategic purpose- conversations and communications that allow people to address their fears and align their values, desires and beliefs to those of the organization and their co-workers. 

We are experts in facilitating transformative conversations - one key decision at a time by working with people to learn, develop and master the skills required to make good decisions.

Issues we address


Issues addressed in “Master Decision Making”

Examples are ….” How do we...?”

  • Get our teams to collaborate better?

  • Handle managers whose direct reports feel disengaged?

  • Rebuild trust between key executives?

  • Manage the intergenerational friction in the office?

  • Develop the best succession plan with family members in the organization?

  • Help employees pivot from failure more quickly and take the risks that drive innovation?

  • Be more effective at developing leaders from within the organization?

  • Retain more employees?

Root Causes We Overcome

  • Fears

  • Emotions

  • Blind spots

  • Insecurities

  • Loss of control

  • Poor communication

  • Procrastination

  • Lack of trust

  • Faulty beliefs

  • Loss of identity

  • Lack of information

  • Lack of diverse perspectives

  • Lack of alignment re: values and vision


My Consultancy Partner


Kristin MacDermott LMFT


With her proven methodology for teaching emotional intelligence and resilience, Kristin brings a unique skillset to her executive coaching, leadership training, and corporate consulting work. Her training programs have been validated in four studies (including two randomized-controlled trials) with researchers from the Duke Clinical Research Institute and published in peer-reviewed journals. She has designed resilience training programs for some of the highest performing people on the planet, including Naval Special Warfare Command (Navy SEALs), the Los Angeles Police Department, and more than 20 hospitals across the country, including the Duke Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health. A licensed marriage and family therapist by training, she finds her expertise in relationships, interpersonal communication, and family systems highly applicable to organizations and team building.


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We Have Co-Written a Number of Articles on Leadership 


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